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The Mahoning County Bar Association has over 675 active members and is growing daily.

Committees:  Banquets/Young Lawyers
The Committee consist of approximately thirty lawyers.  There is a broad range of members of all ages since the Committee is not necessarily reserved for the newest or youngest members of our Bar.

The Committee meets regularly to organize the following events:  Election Banquet and golf outing at the Youngstown Country Club, Opening of Court Ceremony and luncheon, Annual Plichta Golf Outing, Billiards Tournament, Spring and Fall Mixers, Secretaries Luncheon, and our participation in the Youngstown Community Cup.

The Committee strives to build relationships between the newest members of the bar and the legal community.  It is a fun group of people who work very hard to see that very important events in our community are accomplished.

Tracie Schmidt

Jeremy Teaberry


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