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Committees:  Lawyers Assistance

The Lawyers Assistance Committee is a highly confidential committee of lawyers and judges willing to help support other lawyers and judges who are experiencing problems with alcohol, substance abuse, depression and stress.

Lawyers Assistance Committee members are ready and willing to offer confidential assistance.
Linda Martin Saunders Co-Chair 330-317-1333
William Scott Fowler   Co-Chair 330-746-5643
(C) 330-360-0933
J. Michael Thompson, Liaison 330-744-1148
Phil Arbie 330-399-5518
Richard B. Blair 330-480-5241
Dominic DeLaurentis 330-740-2168
Renee DiSalvo 330-507-4868
Anthony Donofrio 330-742-8874
(C) 330-774-1403
Hon. Gene Donofrio 330-740-2180
Hon. John M. Durkin 330-740-2168
Hon. R. Scott Krichbaum 330-740-2156
(C) 330-360-4477
Mark G. Mangie 330-726-1444
Stephen W. Meloy 330-757-1898
Jeralyn Goldberg Mercer 330-533-8315
Christine Papa 330-744-5211
Thomas Sanborn 330-286-0337
David Tschantz 330-533-6565
Thomas Vasvari 330-729-1090
Robert Yallech 330-744-1311

Ohio Lawyers Assistance Program, Inc. (OLAP)
Scott Mote, Director, Columbus, OH

Paul A. Caimi, J.D., CCDC-1                              1-800-618-8606                                            Ohio Lawyers Assistance Program, Chagrin Falls, Ohio

Our mission is to inform members of the Bar regarding mental health issues and the diseases of alcoholism and chemical dependency and to provide services through education, intervention, advocacy and support for those suffering from these diseases.

If you or anyone you know is in need of confidential assistance, please contact any of the above members or the OLAP Hotline.

Linda Martin Saunders

Scott Fowler


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