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The Mahoning County Bar Association has over 675 active members and is growing daily.

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The Newsletter Committee publishes Legalines, a bi-monthly newsletter of the Mahoning County Bar Association.  Among the features of the Legalines is the President's Column, in which the Bar Association's President comments on miscellaneous Bar-related topics and provides updates on recent occurrences within the Bar Association.  Legalines also publishes articles describing the activities of the committees of the Bar Association.  Recent court cases, rules updates, and new statutes are frequent subjects of articles.  Legalines publishes articles which highlight the achievements and accomplishments of members of the Bar Association and occasional articles concerning historical events or memorable lawyers or judges.  Legalines has a "Calendar of Events" which lists upcoming events such as CLE courses, Bar Association meetings, and social gatherings of the members.  The editors welcome the submission of articles by members of the Bar Association.
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